Dreams Melt
Dreams Melt
My name is Macaulay.
I am 18 and I live in Melbourne.
I am currently studying at university with majors in International Studies and Italian.
I love Eurovision and Europe and I hope to live there some day :)
Valentina Monetta is my one true love.

I am having too much fun doing this Italian culture presentation for class tomorrow.

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if you dont have a gay cousin then youre the gay cousin sorry to break it to you

plot twist: i’m gay and so is my cousin 


Now that Eurovision is closer, I have updated my ranking.

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I am screwed for my Italian test tomorrow.

The three stages of Basim
Stage 1: This is the dumbest song ever.
Stage 2: This is actually kind of catchy...
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I did the unthinkable, I managed to submit an assignment five days early. Now to commence with the rest of my mountain of homework and assignments.



Eurovision: The Class Of 2014

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For once being on tumblr instead of studying paid off as my 25% sociology test today was an analysis of female representation in Lily Allen’s ‘Hard out Here’ as well as the differing presentation of Caucasian and African American women in the clip.